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2023 Grantee Convening

As part of CTOP’s approach to capacity building, we leverage the expertise within the grantee cohort by convening grantee partners once a year for a full day of shared learning and development, meaningful collaboration, and relationship building. In June, we brought over 40 professionals across six grantee organizations together to explore organizational challenges and collaboratively problem-solve across organizations, roles, and teams using a Problem of Practice Consultancy Protocol. For this exercise, organizations courageously shared a current challenge with a small, diverse group of colleagues from other organizations who asked probing questions and challenged the presenter to consider different perspectives in analyzing and addressing the issue.

We also welcomed Sam Cobbs, Chief Executive Officer of Tipping Point Community and member of CTOP’s Advisory Group, for a conversation facilitated by COMPASS’s Chief Executive Officer, Jacquelyn Santiago Nazario. Sam drew on his deep experience to offer practical guidance for taking a comprehensive approach to organizational development as well as how to integrate that work into policies and processes. The CTOP team is always inspired by time spent learning from and alongside our grantee partners, and energized to see long-term relationships deepen, and new ones spark, across organizations. We look forward to developing even more professional learning and development opportunities in the year ahead.