Logo for: Connecticut Opportunity Project


Over the next four years and beyond, the Opportunity Project will expand the scope of its social investing by growing the number and reach of youth-serving non-profit organizations in Connecticut in which it invests, and supporting the local replication of high-performing national programs with proven effectiveness working with young people who are disengaged or disconnected and helping them re-engage in education and/or enter and succeed in the labor market.

CTOP will identify potential grantee partners through a comprehensive landscape analysis and will not consider unsolicited proposals.  CTOP will partner with and invest in non-profit organizations with the following core characteristics:

  • Organizations that serve a target population of young people that has meaningful overlap with CTOP's target population of youth ages 14 to 22 who are disengaged or disconnected from education and/or work;
  • Organizations that create or have the potential to create social value, which CTOP defines as helping such young people achieve positive, long-term outcomes; and
  • Organizations that show a strong commitment to learning from their work and have a growth orientation that leads them to constantly strive for higher performance.

CTOP intentionally partners with single-service or multi-service youth-serving non-profit organizations, rather than government programs such as public services, schools, workforce investment boards, and housing authorities as well as collective impact initiatives and youth coalitions.

More information about the Opportunity Project's expansion is available in its 10-Year Youth Development Social Investment Strategy.  Read the Executive Summary here.