Logo for: Connecticut Opportunity Project


Through the Opportunity Project, Dalio Education provides grantees with financial and non-financial support to strengthen their organizational capacity and attain high performance for the young people they serve.

Grantee organizations receive long-term, unrestricted funding as well as technical assistance and organizational coaching from experts and best-in-class youth development organizations across the country to support their capacity building.  Partners work to strengthen their organizational capacity across seven core domains, as defined by The Performance Imperative framework created by the Leap of Reason Ambassadors, a community of non-profit thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. Ongoing support is conditional on performance relative to milestones of organizational development, established collaboratively with grantees, which are intended to help organizations track and drive progress over time toward developing the competencies and capacities to deliver youth development services at the highest levels of quality. 


You can learn learn more about the Opportunity Project's model through its youth development social investment strategy.*