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Youth Leader | Domus

When Siamerra started 9th grade at Stamford High School, she had just moved from New York with her mom and younger siblings and didn't know anyone at school. Erica Newton, a Family Advocate, invited her to join the Domus Knights, and over time, helped her to open up and get more involved in school.

"If I ever need advice or I need to talk to someone, Erica is there... no matter what, even if I give her attitude from being upset, I just know that she's always going to be there. They have your back, one hundred percent, if you need anything."

Now a junior, Siamerra plays volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse, and wants to do well on her SATs this year so that she can go to a great college and have a career that will help her support herself and her family.  She loves cooking and may decide to become a chef, but she's also thinking about becoming a nurse, or a firefighter or police person, or finding a job like Erica's where she can help young people overcome obstacles.

Siamerra recently became President of the Domus Knights program, and helps to support the younger students in the program who come to her if they have questions or need someone to talk to when their family advocate isn't available. She also keeps an eye on the program's younger kids at school, pulling them aside and helping them to calm down if she notices someone getting upset.