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Youth Leader | Domus

When Rashan started 9th grade at Stamford High School, he didn’t like to talk to anybody and preferred to sit in the back of the class. But when he started getting to know Chris, a Domus Knights Family Advocate, he found himself starting to come out of his shell.

"Chris is the type of dude that it doesn’t matter what the situation is, he’ll put you before himself. Whenever I need something, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and be right there. He stays on me about my grades and he’s always motivating me and pushing me to new levels. And it’s not just me, he does that with everybody in the Domus Knights. That’s the kind of guy he is."

Rashan started taking notes and asking questions in class, and started talking to Chris about goals he wanted to achieve during the school year and over the long-term.  As Rashan’s GPA started to improve, he was able to join the school’s football team, which is his passion.  He also plays basketball and lacrosse, and his favorite subject is science, particularly chemistry.

After high school, Rashan wants to go to college and play football. His dream is to play professional football in the NFL, but he wants to have a back-up plan, too—maybe working on computers, which he also likes to do.  As a junior this year, Rashan is focused on continuing to improve his GPA, figuring out which colleges he would want to go to, and what he might like to major in.